Electrical Engineering


The mission of the Electrical Engineering Department is to provide quality education to prepare students who will play a significant role in shaping the future high technology environment and to provide technical knowledge and skills. The Electrical Engineering Department fosters a dynamic academic environment that is committed to a tradition of excellence in teaching, research and service. The curriculum is covered in a manner to complement the department's aim, which is to produce highly qualified, well-rounded, and motivated graduates possessing fundamental knowledge of Electrical Engineering, who can provide leadership and service to the nation. The study combines rigorous training in engineering fundamentals and applications with contemporary elective courses to meet the industry requirements. Our department emphasizes the highest quality in graduate education both in theory and practical aiming to prepare students for a variety of careers in research, teaching and industry. The department conducts research across a wide range of topics, and targets both fundamental advances and practical applications of electrical technology. The faculty members of the department are committed to impartation of technical knowledge along with overall personality development of students. They are dedicated teachers and mentors of students. They are continuously striving to train the students on practical ground with hands on experimentations.

At the first year level, the fundamental concepts are built up through basic electrical engineering lab. At second year and third year levels, electrical engineering specialization is imparted through electrical machines, electrical measurement, network, control system, power system labs. The computer based experimentation is simultaneously carried out in numerical technique lab, microprocessor lab, advanced simulation lab etc. At the final year level, students are made to undergo projects to explore their technical knowledge and sharpen their skills in accordance with industry requirements.